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Children aged 2-11 years

Include all children (even if your selected hotel offers free children's accommodation in existing beds, but only select the physically required beds and number of paying guests in each room type you chose at your hotel). Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Child in aircraft must be able to sit upright unaided in any seat purchased. Packages must include at least 1 adult.

Infants under 2 years

Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Cott not included (but can be requested under Special Requests). Packages must included at least 1 adult. Infants under 7 days old may not be accepted on aircraft (please check before booking). Parents of very young infants should consult a doctor prior to booking.

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Over 1 Million Holidays Sold

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Over 1 Million
Holidays Booked

Company Profile

  • National Tour Operator (wholesale)
  • 20 years and 1 million holidays
  • Australian Family Company
  • Advanced packaging technology
  • Two brands, consolidated resources
  • Discover Australia Holidays & HolidayMax

This Australian family owned and run company has been delighting customers for more than 20 years, with more than a million holidays being enjoyed. A large and loyal customer following drives ongoing growth and our own cutting-edge bespoke technology (developed in-house) ensures we deliver a superior holiday experience. The national operations of Discover Australia Holidays are now being complimented through our expansion into select bucket-list international destinations via our HolidayMax™ brand.

See also About Us for consumers.


Tour Operator (Wholesale)

Welcome to a new breed of tour operator (leisure wholesale).

We have created technology that has enabled us to re-invent traditional tour wholesale packaging. Sophisticated travellers experience a seamless travel experience through a carefully curated and comprehensive range of all-inclusive holidays that are proving to be highly popular.

Ongoing growth is fuelled by our wonderful customer loyalty, deep industry experience, passion and our advanced packaging technology. HolidayMax™ leverages our Australian domestic and inbound success, adding new outbound destinations for our existing customers and retail agent network.

Two Tour Operator Brands:

  • Discover Australia Holidays (Australia)
  • HolidayMax™ (outbound)

Both brands share combined marketing, distribution, reservations, inventory and technology.

Huge & Engaged Audience

Packages are showcased in various printed wholesale brochures, on popular websites and through $4m of mainstream consumer advertising.

We are fortunate to have earned a large and loyal customer following over two decades. Many of our customers choose to travel with us - before they chose their destination. We have a huge and engaged audience, with than 7 million page views a year and more than 350,000 customers receiving our dealsAlert emails.

We partner with major airlines and tourism authorities in significant co-operative advertising campaigns.

This popular national travel company's customers are generally more discerning and mainly located in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Perth.

Retail Travel Distribution

We work with thousands of retail agents across Australia and operate two of Australia’s most popular travel websites. We have long standing direct wholesale relationships with hotels, airlines, tours and vehicle hire operators. Products are packaged into our tour wholesale programmes that are very classical in nature - but are powered by our advanced proprietary packaging technology with live inventory.

The Australian Specialist

The Australian based team of Holiday Specialists are well-trained and experienced professionals that help make our customer’s dream holiday become a reality. The Perth based Reservations Centre operates 7 days a week. Holidays are "hand made" in order to enable sophisticated travellers to break free from the ordinary travel experience.

Our specialist range of popular holiday packages is extensively promoted through our powerful mix of owned, earned and bought advertising channels to our huge and engaged audiences. New all-inclusive holiday packages are being crafted and carefully designed on an ongoing basis. We are continually sourcing and evaluating new experiences and new suppliers to include within our high-volume holiday packages. The Product Inventory & Content Department is responsible for supplier relationships, live inventory and content within our system. A company culture is maintained that fosters excellence within each work team, and which delivers world-class business practices and professionalism.

Technology Development

All of our cutting-edge bespoke technology is developed in-house by our own dedicated team of quality obsessed Software Engineers. In handling such a large number of wholesale holiday bookings, it is vital that the company's computer reservations system is efficient and fully integrated with both our suppliers and our website. Our dynamic packaging system has been built by us from the ground up to enable us to have a significant edge and to ensure our customers have superior travel experience.

A perfect balance has been struck between electronic efficiency and the need to hand make extraordinary holidays.


We listened to our loyal customers when they asked us to bring our hallmark special touches to their overseas holiday experience.

HolidayMax™ is spearheading our expansion into select bucket-list holiday destinations around the world. It is leveraging our existing investments in packaging technology to package aspirational bucket-list experiences for our loyal customer base and retail agent network.

This new Outbound Tour Wholesale Brand is adding new destinations and experiences to it’s select collection.

The corporate Head Office in Perth, with our own office in Manila (with directly employed staff).

New Travel Agents

Become a travel agent partner to distribute our popular range of packages. Register here.

New Suppliers

We are always seeking new and excising experiences to consider for our customers. New hotels, activities, cruises and experiences are encouraged to contact our Product Inventory & Content Department for consideration into our high-volume packages. Contact the Product Team here.

Our Story

Industry Heritage

Initially founded in 1996 to bring visitors to just Western Australia, the company then expanded to all destinations across Australia and now to select overseas destinations (via our HolidayMax brand).

In just a few years, the Harding family grew Discover West Holidays to become the largest wholesaler for West Australia before then taking over the Best of The West Holidays business. Soon after, Discover Australia Holidays was launched and has since become the most trusted name for Australian all-inclusive touring; and continues to experience solid growth rates. Discover Australia is respected for investing back in promoting sustainable Australian tourism, and the economic and employment benefits it brings to our various communities.

And now at the request of our customers, we have expanded into to select bucket-list destinations globally through the recent launch of HolidayMax™.

This privately held company is a great Australian success story and today is 100% owned by the Harding family, as it has been continually since 1996.

Australian Family Company

This Australian family owned and run company has been delighting customers for more than 20 years. More than a million holidays have been enjoyed throughout this vast and diverse continent over this time. The Harding family started the company in 1996 based on their long and proud tradition in hospitality and tourism. Respected throughout the tourism industry, and known as pioneering innovators, the Harding family is renowned for their passion for sustainable tourism. Now with three generations working in the company the future continues to be very bright.

Delivering Quality Immersive Experiences

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA covers all of Australia in more depth and with the most experienced local tour guides. Customers are immersed in Australia’s remarkable landscapes, natural beauty and rich history with The Australian Specialist. They enjoy more hand-picked memorable experiences, more luxuries and our exclusive special extras.

Discover Australia Holidays™, HolidayMax™, The Australian Specialist™ and Maximise your holiday™ are protected trademarks owned by Kalhaven Holdings Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. A.C.N. 071 663 262.