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Children aged 2-11 years

Include all children (even if your selected hotel offers free children's accommodation in existing beds, but only select the physically required beds and number of paying guests in each room type you chose at your hotel). Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Child in aircraft must be able to sit upright unaided in any seat purchased. Packages must include at least 1 adult.

Infants under 2 years

Age as at the time of travel. Proof of age may be required at check-in. Cott not included (but can be requested under Special Requests). Packages must included at least 1 adult. Infants under 7 days old may not be accepted on aircraft (please check before booking). Parents of very young infants should consult a doctor prior to booking.

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Published Booking Conditions & Important Information

Here is some important information that you should be aware of before booking with us and before travelling. These published Booking Conditions consist of specific conditions of booking and (along with inferred conditions) form an integral part of the agreement when any booking is made with DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS.

We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as the need to cancel your holiday or a disruption to your travel. Travel insurance is inexpensive and can cover the loss of deposits, cancellation fees, loss of baggage, travel disruptions and medical expenses.

Validity & Costs

You must obtain the current applicable costs from DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS for your specific travel dates.

All costs in the DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS brochures and advertisements, along with costs advertised on the discoverAustralia.com.au website, are approximate starting costs for 2 people travelling together, sharing a room/cabin and traveling on selected dates during off-peak low-season, are subject to seasonal surcharge and are a guide only. All costs are subject to change without notice, do take account of GST and are in Australian dollars (AUD). Costs are inclusive of our Service Fee for travel agent services, administration, handling etc. All reservations are subject to these standard conditions.

As prices vary based on travel dates we recommend being flexible with your travel dates to get the best deals. Solo traveller prices available on request. There is limited availability at the current applicable costs, after which higher prices are likely to apply.

Dynamic Costs & Instant Purchase

Dynamic Pricing and Instant Purchase bookings are now a common part of the travel industry and help you to get a great deal.

You can be informed of the current applicable costs for your actual dates of travel by:

(1) asking DISCOVER AUSTRALIA for an Individual Costing for the number of people and the specific services and the travel dates required or

(2) go to discoverAustralia.com.au and select your specific Accommodation or Flight + Hotel Package requirements and enter your required specific travel dates (live costs). All current applicable live costs will be based on Dynamic Pricing and an Instant Purchase (ie costs might change at any time up until a booking is confirmed).

Costs become firm when your booking is fully confirmed when DISCOVER AUSTRALIA issues a Reservation Confirmation email.

Should the booking be cancelled for any reason (eg due to lack of deposit or no full payment processed) the original costs are no longer firm and might change when re-booked.

Dynamic Costs and Instant Purchase bookings are now a common part of the travel industry and help you to get a great deal. Availability at listed approximate prices is limited to a certain number of rooms/cabins/cars/people. However, once sold-out at the listed approximate prices, further availability might be able to be confirmed at another dynamic cost.

There may also be spot specials available at lower prices. Ask DISCOVER AUSTRALIA for the current applicable costs.

Advertised Package costs are shown and indicated to be approximate starting costs based on travel in selected dates during off-peak low season. Travel on other dates will attract a surcharge.

Extra fees might be applicable for vehicle hire and self-drive packages.

Please refer to the Vehicle Hire inclusions within this brochure, on the website pages and the Vehicle Hire Inclusions sheet included with your Individual Costing and also with Reservation Confirmation and also with your Holiday Documentation.

Payments & Documentation

Full payment is required at the time of booking. This “Instant Purchase” enables us to lock-in the great value Dynamic Pricing deals that we have negotiated.

The following exception applies to a reservation containing Indian Pacific, Ghan or other GSR rail: All flights must be paid for at the time of booking; the balance must be paid within 14 days of making the booking (or at the time of booking for bookings made close to or within the ticketing time limit).

Your Holiday Documentation will be emailed out following receipt of full payment and Tickets and typically around 30 days before travel.

Essential Check-In Requirements

To protect you from identity fraud, you will be required to present your Credit Card to the airline(s), hotel(s) and/or car hire company at the time of check-in. The airline(s), hotel(s) and/or car hire company will ask you to provide photo ID to ensure that your identity matches the booking identity and the credit card used to make the booking. A copy of your photo ID may be retained by the service providers. You agree that any identification and contact information that you supply to the service providers may be copied to us in the event of a credit card or identity dispute.

Accommodation & Children's Rates

Costs are approximate and generally based on a per person basis for twin share accommodation in a twin or double bedded room or cabin. A supplement is payable when one person solely occupies a room or cabin. Single rooms may not always be available. Triple accommodation is the cost based on three people sharing one room. Child rates are usually available for children sharing the same room with two adults. Often the first child is free with a minimal 'rollaway bed' cost for the second child. DISCOVER AUSTRALIA will be happy to confirm this for you.

Should accommodation described in a specific holiday be unavailable, a similar alternative will be used. Your Travel Agent will be informed of the alteration.


Meals are shown as indicated on each day as follows: [B] - breakfast, [L] - lunch, [D] - dinner.


DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS or its accredited agents finalise all arrangements for all holidays or travel upon the express condition that it shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delays generally or any irregularity which may be caused either by reason of any defect in any vehicle, vessel or aircraft of any company or person engaged in conveying or accommodation of passengers, or in the carrying out of arrangements of the holidays or travel.

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA HOLIDAYS is a wholesaler (not a principal) and in the provision of holidays or travel products acts solely as an agent on behalf of the principals (supplier service providers). All bookings are made on your behalf subject to the terms and conditions, including conditions of carriage and limitations of liability, imposed by these service providers. We can provide you with copies of the relevant service provider terms and conditions on request.

Specific details of principals available on request.

It is a condition of booking that all parties agree that the transaction occurs in the Australian State of Western Australia and that the applicable laws of Western Australia shall apply. All parties unconditionally agree to submit any dispute in connection with the booking agreement to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Western Australia. If for any reason any travel service provider is unable to provide the services for which you have contracted, your remedy lies against that service provider, and not against us. In the event that payment has been made to us by credit card (or debit card), you agree that you will not seek to charge back (or reverse) your payment to us. In any event (including following a credit card chargeback), you agree that you are (and will remain) fully liable for any payments due to us as agreed at the time of booking and if at any time your payment is outstanding (including through chargeback) you agree to pay the outstanding amounts to us immediately (according to the payment schedule agreed at the time of booking and these conditions). You will be liable for any additional debt recovery costs and any reasonable costs incurred by us through your payment being outstanding (including following a chargeback). From time to time your pre-payment may in-turn be pre-paid by us to the service provider before travel. If any of part(s) of this agreement is not upheld, both parties agree that the remaining sections of this agreement remain in force.

Airline Indemnity

Airlines sole involvement in the tour programmes are as air carriers only and carry no responsibility for statements in the literature relating to the tour or any of its features and as such are indemnified against any claim, action, loss or damage which may be made against the airline or which the airline may incur as a result of any misdescription or misleading information contained in the tour literature.

Travel Insurance

DISCOVER AUSTRALIA strongly recommends you take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as the need to cancel your booking or holiday or a disruption to your travel. Travel insurance is inexpensive and can cover the loss of deposits, cancellation fees, loss of baggage, travel disruptions and medical expenses.


Luggage restrictions may apply, especially for air travel, train travel, cruises and on overnight touring (especially 4WD tours). Check with DISCOVER AUSTRALIA if you are unsure.


If you have to cancel all or part of your holiday for whatever reason you should contact us as soon as possible. Cancellations must be made in writing. DISCOVER AUSTRALIA strongly recommends Travel Insurance to cover cancellation charges, service fees and travel disruption costs.

All holiday cancellations made for whatever reason will incur our Service Fee according to the following schedule: The greater of $100 per booking, or 20% of the gross holiday cost. Additional cancellation fees and non-refunds by the service providers may also apply.

Minimum Service Fee $100 per booking on any holiday cancellation, prior to travel. Note your Travel Insurance should cover most contingencies.


Should you wish to add any services to your arrangements following the confirmation of your holiday, there will be no amendment charge. Should you need to amend the dates of any services following their confirmation, a $22 service fee will apply and you will be required to pay any greater costs, if applicable, in full. Should you need to partially cancel any confirmed services, a minimum $22 service fee will apply.

(Please note additional cancellation fees and non-refunds by the service providers may also apply. A substantially cancelled booking will be treated as a holiday cancellation and will attract a service fee as shown previously). If your Holiday Documentation is already generated, an additional re-issue fee of $22 will apply.


Any refunds due for yet to commence holidays that are cancelled for whatever reason will incur our Service Fee schedule detailed under “Cancellations”. Any refunds due for partial holiday cancellations for yet to commence holidays will incur our Service Fee of the greater of $100 per refund, or 20% of the gross cost of the components being cancelled.

After commencement of your holiday, should any refunds be available from service providers for any unused minor services, a $100 service fee will apply to cover administrative handling of the refund, and original reservation.

Refund requests are to be made in writing. It will not be possible to give an accurate indication of refunds due until responses are received from supplier service providers relating to their fees. Once all supplier service provider fees are known, you will be contacted and advised of the outcome. We process refund requests promptly and any refunds due are paid to customers as soon as practical. In order to protect our valued customers from financial fraud, any refund will be made in the manner the original payment was made. Refunds of payments made via Credit Cards will only be made directly into the original paying Credit Card. Your bank manager can assist with the transfer to the new credit card should you have changed Credit Cards in the interim.

Holiday Inclusions

The inclusions published in this brochure and website are accurate at the time of publishing but details may change for various reasons. Please study the conditions relating to this brochure and website carefully and check the specific holiday details quoted by us in your Individual Costing or your travel agent before you book. All holidays, inclusions and bonuses subject to availability at time of booking.

Special Bonus Conditions

Special bonus conditions apply. All special bonuses described only apply to bookings for individuals in small groups of 9 or less people. Bookings for groups of 10 or more people do not automatically qualify for special bonuses. Further information and special group costings available on request. Special bonuses described do not automatically apply to special event packages and special event bookings. Special event packages, brochures and websites will specify the special bonuses that apply to those specific bookings.

Eligible FREE Transfer passengers will be transferred to the property. Your FREE Transfer must be requested and booked at time of booking your holiday. Validity based on consecutive night stays.

Itineraries, Travel Disruptions & Force Majeure

Itineraries, vehicle types and vessels are subject to change without notice. Discover Australia Holidays (and it’s supplier service providers) reserve the right to delete, cancel or alter holidays, tours, cruises, activities, transfers, flights, accommodation or other travel arrangements without notice or explanation. Holiday package inclusions may be deleted, cancelled or altered without notice. We will provide either alternative arrangements or a Travel Credit if cancelled or deleted by Discover Australia Holidays (or it’s supplier service providers) outside of a Force Majeure event. Alternative arrangements will be provided if holidays, package inclusions, itineraries, vehicle types or vessels are altered by Discover Australia Holidays (or it’s supplier service providers) outside of a Force Majeure event. A Force Majeure event is defined to include any road or weather conditions, unrest, security or public health concerns, strikes, government travel restrictions, government travel advisories or any other reason beyond Discover Australia Holidays’ control. If your holiday (or any travel arrangements) is postponed, disrupted, deleted, cancelled, suspended, altered or otherwise impacted as a result of a Force Majeure event or from external consequences that make our performance of the agreement impossible or for any other reason beyond our control then we will provide you with a Travel Credit (less any third-party costs, unrecoverable amounts and fees from supplier service providers). The Travel Credit can be applied to the cost of a future holiday package with us, it will be non-refundable and may also be subject to supplier service provider conditions of use and our conditions of use. For the avoidance of doubt, refunds will not be offered in a Force Majeure event or when external consequences that make our performance of the agreement impossible or for any other reason beyond our control.

Your travel may be subject to travel disruptions, which can include delays, suspension, re-routing, alterations and cancellations to flights, cruises, tours, transfers, transportation and other travel arrangements. Additional expense as a result of any travel disruptions or any postponed, deleted, cancelled or altered travel arrangements will always be at the passenger's cost (even if that impacts other inclusions within your holiday). Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover for this.

Wildlife is, by its very nature, 'wild' and are free spirits to exist without constraints of their behaviour. While the world is particularly blessed with an abundance of wildlife (animals and plants), their presence is not guaranteed at any time.


Any physical, mental or emotional disability that may require special handling or treatment must be advised in writing when a reservation is made. Some tours, cruises and holidays are to remote areas and passengers on medication should take an ample supply with them.

Visitors to northern, remote or tropical regions: the carriers warn that hot, dry or wet conditions can prevail so recommend a medical examination for those in poor health. No responsibility can be accepted for accidents, illness or misadventure or loss of goods or possessions and it is strongly recommended that adequate insurance can be taken out to cover against the above.

International Travel Responsibilities

It is your responsibility (ie the person booking) to ensure that each traveller within the travelling party is able to enter each country, including organising appropriate passports, any visas, travel documents or any other immigration and boarder control needs. It is your responsibility to understand the current or likely risks of travel, including to/within the countries of your choice, and to make any necessary preparations (such as taking medical advice on vaccinations). We urge customers to review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements, and advisories issued by relevant governments prior to booking travel to international destinations. We strongly recommend that you consult with the smarttraveller.gov.au website before booking (and monitor smarttraveller.gov.au until you return home) and take other measures to understand the risks of travel and what your general responsibilities are as a traveller. DISCOVER AUSTRALIA does not warrant or recommend that any country, locality or travel product is appropriate for your personal circumstances, it is your responsibility to choose these according to your own personal needs and your appetite for risk and adventure. We strongly recommend travel insurance to cover any unforeseen incidents or accidents.

Thank you for reading our published Booking Conditions. We hope you have a wonderful holiday.